Más Mallorca, the first magazine in Mallorca about environment, leisure and culture. In English, German, Russian, Catalan and Spanish, is aimed at a family audience interested in Majorca, experiential and conscious way.

The “Más Mallorca” magazine arose (in 2006) because of the lack of resources available to make themselves known values offered by our island without focusing solely on the „sun and beach“, revealing more about the island of Mallorca with alternatives to discover the environmental value, the scenic value and cultural treasures in this land.

Más Mallorca are closely involved in the dissemination of these values and the need to defend this territory our unique and different, and this is the spirit that guided the launch of the magazine in 2006. The beaches and mild climate attracted our first visitors in early twentieth century, when the island was a winter destination. After years of tourism boom, in which enhanced the sun and beach tourism, today the industry has evolved through the demand for a more demanding and informed visitors that are attracted by factors such as landscape, gastronomy, hiking, cycling, water sports, history or any other aspect encompassed under the broad umbrella of culture. In this line falls Más Mallorca, intended as a complete guide that serves tourists and residents to explore the island through different views of which appear frequently in the conventional tourist routes. Each month we descend into the realm of detail to provide an enlarged and often unheard of our way of life: celebrations, traditions, customs and ancestral rites, costumes, characters and historical sites, flora and fauna, hiking, food, crafts… This is the challenge that inspires and from here we invite the reader to identify with these values to make the most of the pages of our magazine, which otherwise do not conform to our identity.

Más Mallorca is an organization totally independent non-profit and does not belong to any other media, political party or institution.


Jaume Estévez

Director / Cofundador


Maria Victoria Sintes

Diseño gráfico & desarrollo multimedia / Cofundadora


Marga Albertí

Jefa redacción


Marina del Olmo



Use Sintes

Sección Ocio y eventos


Sinto Sanz

Sección Cicloturismo


Xisco Munar

Fotos Cicloturismo



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